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Cheetah Travelers Program

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Cheetah Travelers Program

Cheetah Travelers Program
The Competitive Year-Round Track program is for athletes who are youth ages 9-16 years old who wish to enhance their track and field skills throughout the year.  The competitive team requires setting personal goals, intense training, the ability to compete against other great athletes around the region and a financial commitment.  The financial commitment is needed to support our efforts helping athletes compete at their highest level though traveling to regional and national track and field meets.
The Competitive Year-Round Track focuses on the pursuit of excellence; we are striving to get our youth to believe in themselves, take risks in life, overcome adversity, handle defeat, thrive on challenges and become WINNERS, by developing the positive outlook that turns “ordinary” competitors into WINNERS. They learn how to focus their commitment and achieve greater personal satisfaction.  

Participation in Competitive Track & Field

Participation in competitive sports is a life experience that will prove to be invaluable.

Training Schedule

Participation requires a four-day week workout  (running drills and lifting weights)


Registration is from October 1 - November 1.  Late Registration is November 2 - December 31. 

Financial Commitment

  1. Registration Fee $150.00  Late Registration Fee $200.00
  2. Traveling Expenses $500-$1,000

Refund Policy:   If you must withdraw, a request must be made in writing within a week after the season begins.  Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You will be refunded your money minus a $30.00 cancellation fee (per athlete).  Refunds take approximately ten (10) business days. 


Parents organize fundraising activities when necessary to cover traveling expenses 

Parent Involvement

The parent's involvement in their child's sport is an integral part of their relationship with their child. 

Parents play an active role in an athlete’s progress by committing to the training schedule and commitment to competitions.

The kind and the amount of sport experiences the child may need to acquire proper skills should be left to the coach to decide. The coach and the athlete decide which events the athlete should enter, how widely these events are to be spaced, at what level the athlete is ready to compete. These decisions should be coordinated with the family's plans and schedules. 

Periodic parent/child/coach conferences will help clarify the role, expectations, and goals of all involved parties.

How to Join the Competitive Year Round Track Team

Welcome to our online Traveling Cheetahs Registration. Before you begin, you will need the following information to complete your registration:

1.  Birth Certificate:  Birth certificates will be used for the sole purpose of verifying age, which will be shared with AAU and USATF track associations.

2.  Physical Form:  All athletes must provide physical forms.

3.  USATF and AAU Membership numbers:  Athletes must provide current membership numbers in order to complete the registration process.  To join Colorado USATF click here: https://www.usatf.org/membership/application/index.asp. To join Colorado AAU click here: http://coloradoaau.org/Membership/SignUp.aspx.

4.  Payment Options:  There will be three convenient ways to pay your athlete's fees.

Registration fees include: Coaching/Administration fees and Track Meet Event fees.

a.  $400.00 Full payment due December 31st.

b.  $400.00 Half payment first half due November 30th and balance due by December 31st.

Any payments not received by their due dates will be assessed a 10% fee of the balance due.